We have all found ourselves watching television and being surprised or shocked at what
we see. Even children’s television programs these days are full of violent images or
inferences to offensive language, sexual references, and violent behavior. Adult
television has taken on a whole new meaning. We have all wished, at one time or
another, for a way to curb what we view.

The US Congress recently enacted the “Child Safe Viewing Act” to protect children
from exposure to indecent or objectionable video or audio programming. The
proliferation of objectionable video material from easy-to-access sources is driving
efforts to develop viable systems for blocking, filtering, or replacing the objectionable
material. Parents of smaller children in particular are actively seeking these solutions.
The current market landscape demonstrates that, there is an abundance of innovation
needed in this area.  

CAPTION TV has developed
CC+ a user-friendly parental control technology, for
selective filtering of objectionable material from any video production set according to
your own individually applied s
ettings. CC+ is more diverse and customer-specific,
allowing a more customizable solution.

Currently television programs are rated (on a voluntary basis by content providers)
based on the TV Parental Guidelines. The Motion Picture Association of America
(MPAA) has movie ratings for films that have not separately been edited for TV.
Neither rating system is effective as it depends solely on someone else’s opinion on
what they considered to be offensive and objectionable, and then identified the content
according to an age group.

Technology like
CC+ allows parents to interact with the television program or pre-
recorded media by allowing them to set their own preferences on what they feel is
offensive and objectionable.

Parents are looking for more and more ways to interact with the programming. But not
until Caption TV has there been a parental control technology available to consumers
which enable us to pick and choose what we find personally offensive as viewers and
edit or remove it from our viewing.

CC+ Parental Control Technology
If you think you've
seen it,
you haven't!
If you think you've
seen it,
you haven't!